Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Fishing Charters

Baffin is world famous for its oversized speckled trout. Three of the last four state records have come from this bay.  So many serious trophy seekers congregate during the prime winter/ early spring months to try their luck at catching a true trophy trout. During the winter months, trout gorge themselves storing up fat to help them make it through the toughest time of the year. They also build up the strength they will need to spawn.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun wants your trip to be memorable for all the right reasons. Your frequent calls and questions are welcomed and encouraged. As your trip draws near, please keep in contact with your guide to track weather conditions, equipment issues and anything that may affect the quality of your trip.

They wade fish with light tackle lures, occasionally drift fish and also offer fly fishing with Capt. Sally and Capt. Aubrey Black. It’s all about the experience of fishing Texas’ most famous bay system, not a box full of meat. We enjoy eating fish as much as the next person but ask that you practice a little conservation.

As a guideline, they recommend that you release everything over 25” unless you plan on mounting the fish. Keep in mind that fiberglass replicas are available these days and usually look better and last longer. They will make sure to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the event and you will see how great it feels to watch a quality fish swim free.